Find seasonal gins and whiskies crafted with exquisite flavour combinations, local grains fruits, and herbs.


Founded by Scott Blackburn, the grandson of an illustriously crafty sailor, Southern Shine Distillery honours the rather out-of-character undertakings of Lenny, a rather affable gentleman in the Royal Australian Navy during WWII. Pop Lenny was known as a non-drinker, non-smoker and non-gambler, which makes his service, including the Battle of the Coral Sea, all the more intriguing. While the naval ratings went ashore, as a stoker, Lenny stayed below decks in the engine room of the ship, using surplus pantry goods to clandestinely produce gin and clear spirit to sell or barter to his shipmates. 

For lovers of premium gin and whisky alike, Southern Shine Distillery harnesses traditional hands-on methods, accentuating local ingredients and botanicals to capture the unerring spirit of our great state. Southern Shine Distillery, located at the gateway to the alluring almond groves of Victor Harbor and Willunga, O’Halloran Hill, and overlooking the glimmering coast and southern skies provides the premiere tasting bar experience crafted especially for the new age spirit connoisseur. 


The Southern Shine Distillery sits atop O’Halloran Hill, ‘just up the hill’ from Adelaide. The namesake venue lies conveniently on the gateway to the gourmet South, a hop and a skip to the almond groves of Willunga, and the wondrous McLaren Vale wine district. Experience the sophisticated, contemporary tasting bar, within our unique octagonal location on the hill, calling out to your finer senses.

Discover seasonal gins crafted with exquisite flavour combinations, with blends hinting at local fruits and herbs, genuinely original New Make spirit, and for the whisky devotees, premium small batch whisky, all fit to lead the market in quality and originality. Delight in a refreshing, reimagined Limoncello while taking in the sights of the coast, try Southern Shine Distillery’s signature ‘Blackburn Dry Gin’ in the modern elegance of our tasting bar, or stay ‘til sunset and enjoy a seasonal, small-batch Summer Gin.


The contemporary, purpose-built facility represents Southern Shine Distillery’s dedication to celebrating the legacy of distillation and the harvesting of ingredients in a uniquely South Australian fashion. The rich background of Southern Shines Distillery’s process is apparent, through their well-practised distillation and spirit maturation philosophy. With ingredients sourced from local South Australian suppliers throughout the range, including local barley from South Australia’s pristine Yorke Peninsula, malted to perfection, along with home-grown ingredients and other locally-sourced botanicals, the inclusive destination highlights local growers and producers alike.


Southern Shine celebrates the authenticity of our local producers. Our contemporary, stylish setting offers patrons a selection of delectable platters to showcase a regional selection of pickles, charcuterie and antipasto, especially selected to compliment the range of spirits and wines available at Southern Shine Distillery.

A perfect pairing to an afternoon of tasting gins, whiskies and wines, or to accompany a more social gathering of friends – our food will inspire and delight your tastebuds.