A peek behind the scenes of the Southern Shine Distillery... where the magic happens.


The contemporary, purpose-built facility represents Southern Shine Distillery’s dedication to celebrating the legacy of distillation and the harvesting of ingredients in a uniquely South Australian fashion. The rich background of Southern Shines Distillery’s process is apparent, through their well-practised distillation and spirit maturation philosophy. With ingredients sourced from local South Australian suppliers throughout the range, including local barley from South Australia’s pristine Yorke Peninsula, malted to perfection, along with home-grown ingredients and other locally-sourced botanicals, the inclusive destination highlights local growers and producers alike.


Using ingredients sourced from local South Australian growers, producers, and suppliers, barley from the pristine Yorke Peninsula, malted to perfection, home-grown ingredients and locally-sourced botanicals, With aromatic botanicals such as juniper and citrus, hand sourced seasonal ingredients and Scott’s home-grown lemons, Southern Shine Distillery bring you the flavours of the coast, distilled.


Local barley from the pristine Yorke Peninsula, malted to perfection for New Make spirits and whisky, and grape spirit steeped with juniper and other botanicals as Southern Shine Distillery’s Gin range.


Local grape spirit is added to the chamber of the pot still, South Australian botanicals are added to that base and are heated in a water bath. The vapour begins to rise through to the botanical basket containing hand-sourced ingredients, steaming them, then infusing their combined vivacious flavours into the gin. A double copper pot still, turns the perfectly malted barley from the coast into New Make and whisky spirit.


Ageing is crucial for our small batch whiskies. After distillation, the clear unaged spirit – already harnessing an enticing array of flavours and aromas – is introduced to, and influenced by the oak barrels. Over time this spirit develops an abundance of personality and whisky character from the oak selection.


At Southern Shine Distillery, we are careful about the selection of casks and barrels used in the whisky ageing process, by way of a deliberately attentive cask selection program. Each cask is chosen to convey just the right character to each of our small batch whiskies, allowing each spirit to shine.


Bottling occurs in a purpose built facility to ensure quality, efficiency and excellence in all of our small batch spirits. Partnering with local suppliers and designers, Southern Shine Distillery provides oversight of one of the most important processes; bottling our elegant seasonal gins and premium whiskies, ready to be enjoyed by you. 


Grab your Copa de Balon and enjoy the range of premium gins. Enjoy neat to fully explore the subtle depths of flavour in each gin, or enjoy with premium tonic water. Garnish with your choice of dehydrated citrus, cucumber or even dried grapefruit, to be risque. For the chic whisky loyalists, enjoy straight up with a drop of spring water to activate the flavour or served on the rocks in your favourite crystal cut glass to bring refreshing iciness, just to your liking.